The Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers

“Look at the blue flowers! They are so beautiful!”, she exclaimed, her eyes glowed and she smiled. Simple words but I was bewildered just thinking about it. The blue butterfly pea plants grew at the backyard of the old house, quite far away from her favourite chair at the side of the living room where […]

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Two Timber Benches

Two timber benches at the waterfront, watching over the gentle ripples of the tranquil water. Both casting their long shadows in the sun and both bracing through the tropical torrential rain together. They have gone through a lot together; and are often in contemplation as falling leaves glide down to the ground and return to […]

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I Remember Reckitt

Almost five years had passed by since you left and yet, each and every time you trespass through my mind, the pain does not get much less and the sadness will linger, some days longer than others. I will never forget most of the things that we went through, the time we spent together. I […]

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Watching The Grass Grow

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the pasture and it often is or at least it appears to be. Sometimes especially after you have cultivated your part of the land, toiled and sweated and teared, and provided it with love and nourishment, those green pastures from the other side […]

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In Search Of Rainbows

Since I decided to stop working, I have been relentlessly searching for a more purposeful existence. I discovered that once you reached a crossroad, the path that you take often brings you back to where it all started and so, life need not be so complicated anymore. Working life is fulfilling in its own way […]

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Beneath Still Waters

This shall be my pseudonym. Why use a pseudonym, one may ask? Frankly, I cannot pin-point the reason. Perhaps it is to give myself the leeway to write more freely although I have every intention to write as openly as you can imagine and in any case, at this point in my life, it is […]

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